Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wasting Worlds vs. Preserving Worlds Attempt at Game

So this is day 7. I've been playing this preserving world game for about a week now. I'm completely for sustainability, so I tend to filter a lot of my water. However, I consume a lot of gas. I drive at least 100 miles each week and I have spent over $70 on gas. I have a 6 cylinder car, but I guess it would be better if I had a 4 cylinder one.

I've been trying to recycle my soda cans and others kinds of trash. But sometimes I'm not near a recycle bin. So I tend to slack off a bit and just throw it anywhere that's convenient for me. I'm also pretty bad at remembering to turn off my lights and television when I leave the room. The worst habit I have is how I take long showers (which lasts relatively 3 hours). 

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