Thursday, April 14, 2011


This is the second time I received my score. The first score showed that I am a habitual waster. If half of the earth's population had my bad habits, the world would severely suffer from drought, loss of food, and irreversible climate changes. In short, I wasted 6 worlds.

However, the second week I did much better. I improved a lot of my habits. I conserve my water more by taking 10 minute showers. I also bike a lot more to the places I need to go to. In addition, I have become more aware of my trash throwing. I feel like this game has helped me become a better contributor towards the Earth. This week I scored 1 preserving earth. It's still a deficient earth, as it has its problems. But I know that I can make my world flourish with my new and improved habits.

Wasting Worlds vs. Preserving Worlds Attempt at Game

So this is day 7. I've been playing this preserving world game for about a week now. I'm completely for sustainability, so I tend to filter a lot of my water. However, I consume a lot of gas. I drive at least 100 miles each week and I have spent over $70 on gas. I have a 6 cylinder car, but I guess it would be better if I had a 4 cylinder one.

I've been trying to recycle my soda cans and others kinds of trash. But sometimes I'm not near a recycle bin. So I tend to slack off a bit and just throw it anywhere that's convenient for me. I'm also pretty bad at remembering to turn off my lights and television when I leave the room. The worst habit I have is how I take long showers (which lasts relatively 3 hours). 

How To Play The Game

The entire game is based on a survey that is specifically designed to determine how wasteful the player is throughout the week. Each player must answer truthfully and honestly about his/her daily habits. This game regulates each player's activities ranging from the amount of water one consumes, the gas that he/she uses, the amount of trash that is thrown away (rather than recycled), how much and what kind of electricity is utilized each day, and so forth.

At the end of the week, our system determines how many worlds/earths each player has either preserved or destroyed. The results will also determine and describe if each of your worlds are either flourishing or just barely surviving. It is important to emphasize that the game is suppose to reflect one's daily, wasteful habits. Depending on one's score, the player can learn from his/her "bad" or nasty activities and improve both in real life and in cyber space.